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FICO score scale with fair & poor credit points

Everybody knows the importance of a good credit score. Do you know how your credit score is considered? A good credit score is one that shows a lender how trustworthy you are, and that whether or not you are eligible for the grant of the loan.


A score with a range from 300 to 850 is considered the worst and the best respectively. A credit score of 700 is acceptable by most lenders in a way that you will be able to get the loan easily. But if the credit score is below 700, you might face issues with the grant of the score.


It is important to know what a good credit score is. For maintaining a good score, you need to have an above-board dealing with your lender. Try to keep your score with a range of 700 to 850. A credit score is the only favor that can make up the lender’s mind how much you are able to be trusted or mistrust.


You see how your credit score is considered and how far it can play its role to approve or reject your loan application! Try to build a good relationship between you and your lender so that whenever a sudden need arises, they can trust you and allow you the loan. If you can’t maintain the highest level, you must have at least 700.

If your credit score is 700 or above, you are a reliable person and any lender should be glad to issue you the loan. With the below range of score, you will not be generally considered ideal or good for the debt. A score of 800 shows that the bearer of that score is a person who has a good payment record that is generally considered good, similarly a score of 700 or above means that you record is good in the history, though you missed some installments you repaid later.

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