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Tips for shaving with a straight razor

We live in a world where we are judged by our appearance. And since the first impression is the last impression, our optimum goal is to look presentable at all times. This rule does not just apply to your clothes or hair, but also to your facial hair. An unkempt, shaggy beard is every man’s worst nightmare. It instantly gives off this impression that you are unprofessional and have a bad hygiene. That’s when a Straight Razor steps in. To ensure the world that you’re the perfect example of good hygiene and professionalism.

Benefits of shaving with a good razor

Following a trend just to emphasize and highlight your gender is what I never understood in the first place. Beards may be the new thing but it’s that time when a trend has become so popular that it isn’t attractive anymore. In order to stand out from all these bearded men, your only option is to shave off that beard and become a man with a clean shave. But if my argument wasn’t compelling enough and you still want to grow a beard then shaving regularly with a Straight Razor will contribute to your cause. The more you have, the faster your hair grows. The thin mustache and beard line you had during your teens were a result of using your dad’s razor when he wasn’t around. There’s also no denying the fact, that a clean shaven person always looks presentable. And that’s a huge advantage for job interviews, dates and any other situation where you’re being judged on your appearance. If you’re a middle aged man who is still trying to cling on to his youth, then a beard isn’t doing you any favors. It’s a fact that beard makes you look older while a clean shaven look shaves 10 years off your appearance. Shaving is also beneficial for your skin as it removes dead skin cells preventing you from struggling with acne.  And the number one benefit that will make you want to shave your beard right now is that women find men without beard irresistible. A man without facial hair is more likely to get the woman. So pick up your Straight Razor and get shaving.

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