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Tips for spotting handbags before purchasing one

In metropolitan fashion capitals such as London, Paris, New York, LA, Toronto or Madrid it might seem like it’d be simple to find an accurate handbag but looks could be deceiving. Unluckily, the uncontrolled sale of false handbags is an easy profit for flea market merchants and street sellers who really don’t care who they victimize to make quick cash. If you’ve bought cheap designer bags in any of such cities from a street vendor, chances are that it isn’t the original one. An actual location of a sale must the first red flag you must be aware of when spotting an authentic designer handbag. Few quick tips on spotting fake merchandise are mentioned below:

Take a close look at the design. You must have a sense that it isn’t real just by staring at it. If you think about it, the high-end designer makes top quality handbags so you can normally spot bad quality imitations only by close looking at them. Check an inner stitching and feel or smell the material. A real designer handbag would appear perfect. The colors of a bag would be consistent, inner lining and stitching would be free of any noticeable flaws. Furthermore, an imprinted or engraved designer brand logo must be visible on or inside a handbag itself.


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