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A Person Committing Suicide Is Afraid Of Going to a Mental Hospital

It has been observed that people who are considering committing suicide never tell this to their therapist as they a
re fearful about mental hospital. However, the fact is just otherwise. These days, nobody wants to admit someone to hospital and also the insurance companies are not always ready to pay for the hospitalization.

Some people joke that it is easier to join Harvard College than getting into mental hospital.

Who are hospitalized?

According to the books about suicide merely suicidal thoughts are not enough reason to send someone to mental hospital. Only those who are doing some horrific acts to kill themselves or if they are bent upon killing themselves the moment they get the right opportunity are sent to hospital.

While sending to hospital, it is not necessary that doctors will take the consent of the person who is about to commit suicide. In fact, such tendency is not long lived and it was found that after hospitalization more than 90 per cent people give up the idea of dying.

Therefore, if you are planning to commit suicide, but not really acting upon it then you do not stand any chance to get admitted to a mental hospital. They will rather prefer to discuss with you and try to understand your real problem and try to help you so that you can cope up with your life.

However, for children or relatively younger adults doctors are little more careful as they are capable of taking drastic action in an impulsive manner as compared to adults. For such people an extra precaution is needed and requires hospitalization immediately.

In case if you are hospitalized

People are generally scared about mental hospital as they will be completely deprived of their freedom. One may remain under lock up for many more days. However, these days most of the hospitals do not like to keep the patient for longer days as it is difficult to extract money from the insurance companies. Moreover hospitals these days don’t put much restriction unless the person acts violently. No more forced shock therapy, which was norm during good old days.

What happens in the mental hospital?

These days, mostly patients are interviewed by psychiatrists and they try to know your thoughts, or feelings. Based on that, they prescribe required medications. Some people are provided with group therapy. You may either have individual room or may need to share with someone. You may not have free access to move out and in case you are very violent then someone will guard you regularly.

What should you do before opting for weight loss capsule?

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