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All You Need to Know About Smoke Detector Systems – Its Basic Types and Benefits!

As the name suggests, the smoke detector is one of the most important device that detects the presence of smoke, normally in case of fire. It either detects it through physical process known as Ionization or optically known as Photoelectric.

Both of these detector types have their own pros and cons. However, most of the modern smoke detectors make use of both the technologies in order to detect smoke. These days, most of the homes have smoke detector systems connected to the home security systems.

Difference between Local and Monitored smoke detector

Once the smoke detector detects smoke, there are generally two ways in which it can be handled. One is local alarm while the other is monitored alarm. While the local smoke detectors are normally battery operated that connects to the homes’ 120V circuit, the monitored one is connected to the fire alarm or homes’ security system.

Benefits of Monitored Smoke Detector

When it comes to monitored smoke detectors, you don’t require worrying about replacing batteries at all. They are in fact 24*7 monitored smoke detectors.

A smoke detector must be loud enough so that you wake up, but it is not the case every time. It may be possible that you may be in deep sleep that you fail to hear them. If the smoke detectors aren’t monitored, then it might be a problem. However, if they are well monitored, the Central Monitoring Station will directly call to your home to know if you are okay.

In case you don’t answer, fire department is dispatched and they will immediately rush to your place. So, having monitored smoke detector makes ultimate sense to ensure safety and security of your home and your family.

Fire safety is of utmost importance for every home and business. Fire can sometimes be very dangerous, so it is important to maintain your home and take great care of it with the help of proper fire safety equipment.