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Why do I travel on a bus from Singapore to Ipoh?

It’s an important question and does deserve an answer. In the first place, the travel is not very long, so for a short travel consisting of hours, the bus is the best by all accounts. Thus, traveling by bus from Singapore to Ipoh is advisable.

Why travel in the express buses available through Easy Book only?

This is because all the buses and coaches available through Easy Book are safe, fast, comfortable and affordable. These buses are best for both the poor and the middle class.

Is Easy Book a bus company?

Easy Book is never a bus company with their own buses. It is just an online platform to issue the travel tickets on behalf of express buses and coaches that are in the A1 condition in all respects.

What do you mean by ‘easy’ and ‘book’?

Well, it’s an interesting question. Easy means without any difficulty, thus it is a two words phrase. In fact, easy book means you can book easily. You don’t have to take the pain of going to booking office for the acquisition of tickets nor have you to stand in long queues waiting for your turn to come and then get the tickets. On the contrary, you can book the same tickets easily making the process an easy book. Based on this idea, the name of the site was planned as Easy Book. Check out more about Easy Book here: http://www.easybook.com/en-sg/bus/booking/singapore-to-ipoh. Feel free to submit any queries.

Can you name some of the express buses for Ipoh?

Of course, why not? Some of the famous express buses available through Easy Book are Golden Coach, Lapan Travel Coach, Konsortium Express, Sir Maju and more. For more buses, you can visit EasyBook.Com as well.

What about your charges for the issuance of tickets on behalf of express buses?

Above all, we believe in honesty is the best policy. We charge a reasonable fee per issue in a way that it will cost you less than you go to a coach counter for the same purpose.