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Stretch Your Ear Perfectly With This Simple Ear Stretching Guide 

Stretching our ear can be versatile, great looking and rewarding. However, it is quite a daunting task. This process requires a bit of knowledge about how it is done, need patience and most importantly, the understanding of our own body.

One of the most significant rules you should remember in stretching your ear is safety. Ear stretching if not properly done and taken care of might even lead to infection and result in loss of your ear lobe. Planning to stretch your ear and wondering how it is done? Do not fret. There are many ear stretching kit and guides on the websites so that you can have your ear perfectly stretched. For More Information About the Ear Stretching KIT, Please Log in To soscene.com/ear-stretching-kits

Steps for stretching your ear

  • Getting started – Firstly, you must have to pierce your ear in a traditional manner. You can do it at most of the vendors that sell If you happened to have your ear pierced originally with the help of a gun, then it’s great. Such piercing may likely be between 18g-16g. Starting your stretch at a 14g taper can be good.

First, it is advisable to seek help from a piercing artist or parlor to be perfectly sure. The original piercing must be completely healed before beginning your stretching. Waiting for 4-6 months will be enough after your new piercing before beginning it.

  • Sizes of ear gauge- There are a variety of jewelries for ear you can choose from various sizes and materials. You should do a little research for all those gauge sizes, which will help you shop ear plug easier for your stretching needs. Tapers are more like a tool and are generally used in performing the actual stretch and it must be replaced within some hours with jewelry.

Plugs are usually designed for a long term wearing. They are solid pieces which cannot be easily seen through. Whereas eyelets/tunnels are open pieces which are for piercing purpose and are designed for the long-term wearing purpose. Before piercing, lubricate your taper, plugs or tunnels with standard piercing oil.

  • Getting stretched- The best time for stretching is when you are just out from a hot shower because the skin of your earlobe will be most pliable and soft. With lubricant insert slowly the taper inside your ear.

If the stretching was properly done, you might not require treating them. Do not do anything stupid that will slow the basic process of healing down.